The 2011 East Coast Book Tour: Part Two


Author Arthur Cola and his mother in PA

The East Coast Book tour, Part Two:

Quaint villages for your Holiday Shopping  in Pennsylvania


Arthur Cola



Now let’s get back to my reflection on that final week of my tour when I drove up to Philadelphia and New York City. The ride up was breathtakingly wonderful as the fall colors were at their peak yet the temperatures still allowed one to keep the window rolled down a bit so that the smells of the season, fresh and cool, could be enjoyed.


I picked up my mother in a little town north of  off we went to my sister’s home near the town of Ambler. Halloween was a week away and the little Colonial like towns surrounding this historic area of our nation were decked out in fall finery. The trees were aglow from brilliant sunlight which radiated off the reds, yellows, gold, and greens of their leaves. In the short distance between North  Wales and Ambler I must have passed at least four Nurseries with tons of pumpkins, colorful robust outdoor Mum plants (4 for $10.00, quite a deal I thought), corn stalks, trees ready for planting and so forth. Ambler town itself has a revitalized downtown area with the restored 1928 Ambler Theater, two Irish pubs and a variety of other restaurants and boutiques all withinAmericanalike buildings going back a century or more. We decided to have lunch at Finn McCool’s. My mother loved their Fish and Chips. Later we went to see George Clooney’s new movie: “The Ides of March.” He is a favorite of my mother. After being disappointed in his last several films, I was delighted with this portrayal of a politician and his campaign staffers maneuvering their way to getting their man into the White House. It was intense, suspenseful, merciless, and riveting in its rendition of a political campaign right off the front pages of recent and current history. His casting of Ryan Gosling, Paul Giamatti, Marisa Tomei, and Philip Seymour Hoffman was a stroke of luck and genius as well.


In the evening we drove out to another quaint town named Skippack. We were to have a dinner meeting at the home my niece and her husband. There is a trip to Italy in 2012 to be discussed. The tour in October of 2012 will take participants to many of the sites which are used in my novel: The Stone Cutter Genius. (Contact:


 Now Skippack is not your typical Colonial Village scene like the neighborhoods off 2nd St. in Center City Philadelphia near Penn’s landing. It’s more of a rustic village setting with 19th century buildings and a vintage hotel. It is also worth a visit to delight in everything from the Basta Pasta Restaurant to Bella Rosa at the Hotel Fiesole, or Olce’ Pizza Grille to Parc Bistro. Its buildings are outlined in white lights adding a festive holiday flavor all year round. Thus, The Irish Shop, Bella’s Boutique, Grand Fromage, Italian Market, Countess of Creativity and so many more appear as mystical places for one’s shopping pleasure. I can only advise you to visit the Skippack, PA website to learn more about this treasure of a village.


As we wind through the country roads, the news is being announced. The weather forecast is calling for rain the next day. I became agitated because that’s when we were to go up to New York City. I had gotten tickets to visit the new 9/11 Memorial at the World trade Center site at ground zero. Well rain or no rain, we would be on a mission to the Big Apple and part of that adventure was to take the train there. Ah, you’re getting the point. The train would be the first spark to ignite that Christmas memory of my youth.

 I invite you to check out part three of my East Coast Book Tour articles for a Stroll Down Mulberry St.






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I am the author of seven fiction books based on Celtic and Italian legends, Renaissance mysteries and history. They are: Journey of Three Pure Hearts and its sequel Pure and Tarnished Hearts, Stolen Christmas,The Brooch,The Stone Cutter Genius, The Shamrock Crown (Legend of Excalibur) and Papa and the Leprechaun King. My children's Christmas themed book is titled: Papa and the Gingerbread man. I have two screenplay versions on (The Shamrock Crown and The Leprechaun King) and have recently completed screenplay versions for my other novels. I served in the field of education for many years before embarking on a writing career. I am married to Donna and we have five children. web site:
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