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Ever hear of a logline? It’s the sentence or two summary of one’s screenplay or book. My screenplay logline for
“Ring of the Magi” based on my book: The Stone Cutter Genius is on . I’d be appreciative if you’d take a look at it and if you like it, vote for it. To do so you must go to and register for the site. They will send you a link to your email. Click on that link and go to the logline contest. Place the name of my screenplay in the search box and then when it appears you’ll be able to vote and fill in the stars to rate it. It’s not easy but you’ll see what’s going on with other writers as well and that might be quite interesting.

Below is a copy of the logline and what’s called the Screenplay treatment or what takes place in the story of “Ring of the Magi.”

Screenplay Treatment of
“Ring of the Magi” by Arthur Cola
Based on the novel: The Stone Cutter Genius by Arthur Cola
Registered with Writers Guild of America #1530884

A sexy curator of a traveling exhibit of Michelangelo’s art introduces a teacher and his two teen sons to the legend of the Magi Ring, said to possess supernatural powers. Together they and a gay friend come face to face with a living example of that power as they try to outwit and outfight a fanatical sect who also seeks to prove the ring’s existence as they travel through Italy to find it.

Marketing Focus:
The Film would be attractive to a wide range audience.

.Young adults and teens would find the story intriguing because of its student characters, action sequences pitting youths against the villains, its supernatural theme, the John and Rich Colonna characters, one who is a flirt with the girls and one who is shy and more melodramatic when facing the dangers of the quest. Also the character of the trapped soul of David Mettzini Doretti, who served as the model for Michelangelo’s Statue of the David and is freed by Arthur and becomes another brother to the Colonna boys would excite the females and cause admiration among the males in an audience.
.Mature adults will enjoy the story’s historical sequences, mystery theme, settings in Italy and spiritual references.
.The Gay community would appreciate the rendition of the character of student Ryan O’Donnell. Ryan is gay and struggling to be accepted by the guys in the class. This sub-plot with the message of Tolerance and Acceptance would also be touching and heart warming without being preachy.

Film medium: Big Screen
Film duration: 2 hrs. 5min.
Film Rating: PG13
.Pre-credit/title sequence: Historical flashback to Michelangelo, his friend Granacci and model/apprentice Davide Doretti rejoicing at completion of the David Statue and later Davide being captured and murdered in an effort to control his soul.

ACT 1:
.Credits as aerial view of Chicago is shown with zooming into Museum of Natural History.
.Classroom in museum: Arthur Colonna finishing a/v presentation on the Medici leaders of Renaissance Florence, Italy in which Arthur has presented a reference to a ring believed by the people to protect their leader.
.Confrontation between Colonna brothers (John & Rich) and fellow student Ryan when Ryan questions validity of Arthur’s reference.
.Introduction of a Sophia Loren type woman, assistant curator Agnes la Strega (age: late 40’s) to class. She manages to quell conflict while boys go agog over her.
. Agnes tells Arthur and his sons about the Legend of the Magi Ring when they discover it being worn in portraits of Lorenzo de Medici and his son, Piero in the exhibit.
.Curator Anselmo Roselli, Agnes’ boss, wants to get information about the actual existence of the ring and follows Arthur to hotel.
.Agnes presents Renaissance era documents to Arthur and his sons which prove the existence of the ring.
John and Rich suspect that she is too cozy with their father.
.Roselli and his two well built assistants, the Giuliano brothers, have encounter with John and Rich as they attempt to spy on Arthur and Agnes’ meeting.
.Arthur’s class tour of Italy begins in Florence at Hotel Alessandro with Agnes as part of the tour.

ACT 2:
.John & Rich check out their suite in hotel. They overhear secret meeting dialogue (in Italian) from balcony under which the Giuliano Brothers discuss the upcoming meeting while waiting for Roselli.
.Rich fears that the Giuliano brothers are plotting violence against their father.
.John & Rich tell Arthur what they overheard. Arthur and Agnes plan to go to meeting site and see what it’s all about.
.Arthur takes class to Duomo for a Youth Ceremony as planned.
.Roselli and Pietro Giuliano enter Colonna suite and search for a hidden safe or location for a historical document. They find it in the beam of the 16th century room.
.Roselli presents document at the meeting of the Confraternity of Savonarola as Arthur, Agnes and class view proceeding from a safe distance.
.Ryan sneaks off to get closer to the meeting. Not being accepted by the guys in his class he seeks acceptance from this fanatical sect. Arthur sends John to watch what he’s up to.
.Ryan is welcomed by Roselli publicly.
.John and Rich come to appreciate Ryan’s pain of not having guy friends in their class.
.Roselli and Agnes conduct a class session in hotel restaurant as planned. Ryan agrees to meet Roselli the next day at the Confraternity headquarters.
.Guys in class think Ryan was brave because he entered the meeting of the “wackos” as they see it.
.Arthur has students at Medici Palazzo when Ryan feigns illness and seeks a bathroom. John and Rich follow Ryan without his knowledge.
.Ryan runs through San Lorenzo Church and exits onto a back street following it to the Orsini Palazzo which is where the sect meets. John and Rich see Ryan being admitted and look for another way to get into the building.
.John flirts with a young woman in an apartment hotel behind the Orsini Palazzo. He gets a key to inspect apartment on top floor.
.John and Rich, using bed sheets, lower themselves onto roof of Orsini Palazzo and enter through a skylight.
.Ryan is being introduced to Confraternity members by Roselli. Orsini gives Ryan a drugged drink.
.Ryan has his shirt removed and lays on the table in the meeting room. Members gather around as Roselli begins to cut into Ryan’s chest in a ritual to control his soul. John and Rich see this.
.John and Rich cause a distraction to rescue Ryan.
.The three boys pretend to go out front door but go up to the roof.
.Confraternity members realize that the Renaissance Document Roselli found is missing.
.John and Rich help Ryan up the bed sheets to balcony of the apartment hotel building.
.Ryan holds his shirt over his wound which is bleeding again, the document is wrapped in it.
.The three boys run out of apartment hotel right into the Giuliano brothers who are searching for them.
.A foot chase begins in the streets of Florence. The boys join a tourist group and enter the Medici Chapel to avoid Pietro and Andreas Giuliano. Rich tends to Ryan’s wound. The bond between the three boys grows.
.The three boys return to Arthur as the class enters the Academy of Art to view the Statue of the David. Arthur dresses cut on Ryan’s chest as John places document in his father’s backpack.
.In the gallery of David, Arthur explains circumcision controversy in a humorous sequence at the foot of the statue.
.Class is sent to adjoining gallery and Arthur is left alone at the base of the statue.
.Arthur takes out his lucky gold shamrock coin and rubs it absentmindedly while thinking of how he embarrassed the boys and touches the foot of the David statue.
.Arthur hears a voice which appears to be coming out of the statue.
.Arthur searches behind pillars thinking John is playing a prank on him.
.A naked young man is seen jumping from the statue. He and Arthur collide.
.Arthur thinks the youth is joking by running around naked and is not amused.
.Davide informs Arthur that he is the actual model Michelangelo used to carve the statue of the David.
.Arthur is stunned at first, then uncomfortable talking with a naked guy, then plans to help him.
.John and Rich enter finding their father in an embrace with a naked guy.
.After explanations; a plan is devised to introduce Davide as a mugging victim and new class member. Davide is emotional and demonstrative in the Renaissance fashion which makes John and Rich ill at ease but they get over it.
.Arthur introduces Davide as planned on the tour bus to class. Davide kisses and embraces Ryan in Renaissance style to the hysteria of classmates.
. Arthur, Agnes and class are back at hotel for dinner when Roselli enters with a police detective and two armed guards. Roselli accuses Ryan of theft of a historical document.
.As tension builds a Police Captain enters who greets Arthur. Arthur then presents his story of how a document was found when Davide was discovered after being mugged.
.Arthur returns document to Roselli who is appeased but informs Arthur that his little game is not won and they would meet again.
.After an exhausting day, Rich, John, Ryan and Davide are to share one of the bedrooms in the Colonna suite. Ryan is excited to sleep with Davide, this is misinterpreted by John.
Davide jumps onto bed naked as John enters from bathroom. Rich throws Davide a pair of shorts and all calms down and an amusing dialogue centered around being “hot” is not clearly understood by Davide.
.The next day the class is in Sante Croce Church. The four boys are at the Tomb of Michelangelo when Giuliano brothers enter. Arthur sees them and orders all students to the bus. The Giluiano brothers confront Arthur demanding that the new kid be brought to Roselli. Arthur refuses, shoves them aside and exits.
.The bus arrives in Rome where students meet other youths from the Florence ceremony in the Roman Forum.
.The next day the four boys make a compact to stick to one another at all times when at the Youth Rally in St. Peter’s Square.
.John and Rich think Agnes is after their father when they come onto hotel roof and find them at the hot tub.
.Arthur takes class to St. Peter’s. A series of sequences show Davide being introduced to Michelangelo’s Pieta, and then on exterior balcony of the Dome overlooking St. Peter’s Square.
.Agnes knows the curator of the Vatican Museum and gets the class in for a tour and visit to the Sistine Chapel.
.Monsignor Ottaviani speaks with the students in the Raphael Stanza and begins to suspect that Davide is an unusual lad. He then talks privately with Arthur and Agnes about the Ring’s location.
.Before leaving for Capri, Arthur takes class to a ceremony with the Pope in St. Peter’s Square. The crowds are enormous and swarm separating the four boys from rest of group.
.Rich is kidnapped by Giuliano brothers and dragged to a car beyond Bernini columns.
.Arthur, Agnes and students search for Rich. John and Ryan are almost hit by a speeding car in which Rich shouts for their attention.

ACT 3:
.Rich is seen being stripped of his shirt and tied to an ancient altar of sacrifice in Curia Bldg. of the Roman Senate in the Forum. It is night.
.Arthur leads class into Forum given a heads up that the Confraternity may be there. They surprise Roselli as he begins to cut into Rich’s chest in a ritualistic ceremony.
.Roselli bargains with Arthur. They are to be allowed to leave or Rich feels the knife again.
.Roselli and followers take Rich with them and release him when they are out of sight.
.John finds Rich under Arch of Septimus Severus. Arthur runs to them followed by Ryan, Davide, Agnes and others.
.Emotional scene between the two brothers and then Father and son.
.Rich wants to thank God for being saved. Arthur takes them to St. John Lateran Basilica to the Colonna Chapel. Rich’s wound is dressed as he apologizes to Agnes.
.Group arrives at a Sorrento Hotel in preparation to search for the Ring on the Isle of Capri.
.Students enter room of John, Rich, Davide and Ryan and want to know what’s really going on.
.Davide realizes that his time on earth may be temporary. He tells the true story of who he is.
.Next morning, students are climbing down from a ship on rowboats outside the Blue Grotto Entrance on Capri.
.Roselli and followers seen landing on a beach on opposite side of island.
.Arthur and four boys climb down Stairs of Tiberius into Blue Grotto.
.The four boys precariously balance themselves on a narrow ledge off stairs above grotto waters and rowboats filled with classmates. Arthur remains on stairs handing them a metal detector.
.A symbol of a star representing the Order of the Tre Magi formed centuries ago to protect the Ring is found carved on a stone in the wall of the cavern. Rich and John
loosen stone and remove it finding a pouch with a silver box in it.
.John opens box and the Ring is glowing within it.
.During the excitement, Roselli and Giuliano brothers capture Arthur and demand what the boys found.
.Davide wants to save Arthur and takes the box as Roselli comes onto the ledge. Roselli lunges for the box as the Ring floats out of it. He begins to fall and grabs Davide’s shirt which tears revealing the scar on his chest. Roselli realizes that he is Michelangelo’s model and plunges to the grotto below.
.As Roselli falls, Arthur punches Andreas and Pietro. Other students jump from their boats and come up stairs to subdue them.
.The boys and Arthur are now on stairs as a light appears at Grotto entrance. It is an apparition of a young man who floats over Grotto and stops at staircase where Arthur and the four boys stand.
.The spirit of Timothy of Syria, who first brought the Ring of the Magi to Italy has come for the soul of Davide.
.Davide must make a choice whether to stay with the Colonna family or go to heaven with Timothy.
.Emotional reaction between Davide and Arthur then Davide and John, Rich and Ryan.
.Davide chooses to go with Timothy. Timothy instructs him to take hold of the Ring as he calls upon someone else to guide Davide home.
.The spirit of Michelangelo, appearing as he did in Raphael’s painting in the Vatican greets Davide. Davide gives Arthur the Ring as he takes Michelangelo’s hand and is transformed into spirit as the three vanish in a bright light.

.Arthur, John, Rich, Ryan and Agnes area being lined up for a procession into the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican.
Monsignor Ottavianni, the Vatican Museum Curator is organizing the ceremony of Papal knighthood.
.Credits roll as Ceremony begins in which the Ring is presented to the Pope to be cared for by the Church.




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I am the author of seven fiction books based on Celtic and Italian legends, Renaissance mysteries and history. They are: Journey of Three Pure Hearts and its sequel Pure and Tarnished Hearts, Stolen Christmas,The Brooch,The Stone Cutter Genius, The Shamrock Crown (Legend of Excalibur) and Papa and the Leprechaun King. My children's Christmas themed book is titled: Papa and the Gingerbread man. I have two screenplay versions on (The Shamrock Crown and The Leprechaun King) and have recently completed screenplay versions for my other novels. I served in the field of education for many years before embarking on a writing career. I am married to Donna and we have five children. web site:
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