Kudos for The Stone Cutter Genius

Today I received the first shipment of the 2nd edition of my magical tale of “Papa and the Leprechaun King.” I believe that those who order a copy (www.feedaread.com) will find it to be a most attractive and entertaining read. The images are clear, the font size easily readable and the cover designed by John Colaianni, is impressive, if I say so myself. But let’s not dwell on my opinion. Here’s what one reader from South Carolina said about the story. “A great read in which I felt I was in Ireland. Can’t wait to read “The Shamrock Crown.”

Also today I received a note from another reader. This one was from a woman in Wisconsin who just finished “The Stone Cutter Genius.” Here’s what she had to say: “I just couldn’t put it down. I enjoyed it so much, and it gave me a look at art and places to explore.” You may take a look at this book at http://www.amazon.com.

Below I have added a bit of information about “The Stone Cutter Genius” for your perusal.

The Stone Cutter Genius
By Arthur Cola

Synopsis statement:

A large American family is dealing with their Mom’s plans for her daughter’s wedding and at the same time engaged with their father’s first time Movie Premier when they are drawn into the world of Renaissance Italy. That’s what’s in store for you as author Arthur Cola weaves a legendary tale which answers the “What If?” question in this historical fantasy.

What if the Legend of the most famous family of the Renaissance and their Medici Ring is actually true? Wait a minute…it is true.

What if the Order of the Tre Magi actually existed? Hold on…it is true.

What if the cruel reforming monk called Frate Savonarola still lives through his followers today? You decide…the Frate actually took over Renaissance Florence in 1494.

What if a large American family stumbled into a world of legend and mystery, miracles and magic, faith tradition and Renaissance intrigue?

All of these questions and more will be answered in this adventure which takes this not so typical Wisconsin family to Chicago to Dublin to London and ultimately to Italy . You will travel with them as they experience the glory that was Florence in the Renaissance, Rome , the Eternal City of antiquity and today, the mystical Isle of Capri and so much more. You will come to know the Stone Cutter Genius as few have ever been able to portray him as he experiences the rejection of his father, the successes and failures of his art, his faith struggles and confusion in his own sexuality. And you will meet the Renaissance family which made his name, Michelangelo, the most famous name in Art History while he was still alive and down through the centuries.

Enter a world of Renaissance political intrigue, murder, miracles and mystery along with the Colonna family as they travel through Italy in the footsteps of Michelangelo, the Stone Cutter Genius. Professor Colonna thinking only of teaching his class about the famous artist’s life and art, instead learns about the legend of the Magi Ring and finds himself in the center of a centuries old feud.


About arthurcola

I am the author of seven fiction books based on Celtic and Italian legends, Renaissance mysteries and history. They are: Journey of Three Pure Hearts and its sequel Pure and Tarnished Hearts, Stolen Christmas,The Brooch,The Stone Cutter Genius, The Shamrock Crown (Legend of Excalibur) and Papa and the Leprechaun King. My children's Christmas themed book is titled: Papa and the Gingerbread man. I have two screenplay versions on amazonstudios.com (The Shamrock Crown and The Leprechaun King) and have recently completed screenplay versions for my other novels. I served in the field of education for many years before embarking on a writing career. I am married to Donna and we have five children. web site: www.legendarytalesofarthurcola.com
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