A Martini Mashed Potato Bar and Forty Sahdes of Green by Arthur Cola

Grater Tater Restaurant

A Martini Mashed Potato and Forty Shades of Green by Arthur Cola
Part One:

The music of the Irish Tenors filled the Grater Tater Restaurant in Burlington, WI last Saturday as I entered with projector and computer in hand. Micki, the owner of the Restaurant, was busily setting the last of the Potato Bar sides in place but immediately stopped to offer any help that I might need to get set up. Tickets had been sold and people were soon to arrive to hear me introduce them to a behind the scenes look at how my novel: “Papa and the Leprechaun King” came to be written and the foundation laid for its sequel, “The Shamrock Crown.”

As I connected the computer to the projector, Micki went about setting out Martini glasses containing a healthy scoop of mashed potatoes. Guests then added chili or various other toppings as they preferred. The cover of my book was now being projected. I was about to begin having greeted the guests and handed them information about our Tours to Ireland and Italy which are based on my books. The lights were dimmed and once again I felt myself on a journey through the Emerald Isle as I pointed out some of those Forty Shades of Green for which Ireland is noted. The journey began at Cranberry Cottage, a charming 250 year old thatched roof home which served as my center of research during my time traveling throughout Ireland while experiencing what I call the pillars of Irish Culture: Faith, Folklore and Fantasy.

From Clonmacnoise a 5th Century Monastic ruin on the banks of the Shannon River the story was introduced as guests viewed the very scene which St. Patrick would have seen when he preached there. Onward we traveled to Blarney Castle where the kissing of the Blarney Stone enchanted the Leprechaun King himself as the hero, an American teacher called the Thorn, begins his quest to save the magical powers of the Wee Folk. The guests soon learned of the legend of the gift of Blarney when one kisses the stone. But even more enlightening for them was learning how one has to plant that kiss; that is by laying on your back over an open space several stories high over a rocky moat and then pulling yourself over to the centuries old stone with only the hand of the “stone keeper” to support your back. In my tale it was at that moment of the kiss and calling of the name Finbar Finnegan, King of the Leprechauns, that the human and the magical creature would first meet. And what a meeting that would be.

But more of that in part two of Potatoes and Forty Shades of Green. Of course you may find out more of the story at Amazon, Kindle and feedaread.com.


About arthurcola

I am the author of seven fiction books based on Celtic and Italian legends, Renaissance mysteries and history. They are: Journey of Three Pure Hearts and its sequel Pure and Tarnished Hearts, Stolen Christmas,The Brooch,The Stone Cutter Genius, The Shamrock Crown (Legend of Excalibur) and Papa and the Leprechaun King. My children's Christmas themed book is titled: Papa and the Gingerbread man. I have two screenplay versions on amazonstudios.com (The Shamrock Crown and The Leprechaun King) and have recently completed screenplay versions for my other novels. I served in the field of education for many years before embarking on a writing career. I am married to Donna and we have five children. web site: www.legendarytalesofarthurcola.com
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