PEER OF THE REALM by Arthur Cola

Peer of the Realm by Arthur Cola


(Photo: Statue of the David in Piazza Signoria in FLorence, Italy)

Peer of the Realm by Arthur Cola

 In my upcoming book, The Brooch, one of the six sons around whom the story revolves is the character of Viscount Alun Ramsey, who like “Reg” is from Wales in the United Kingdom. Unlike the impressionable teen however, Alun is a peer of the realm in that his father is the 8th Earl of Ramsey. This six foot raven haired, blue eyed man in his late twenties also runs the Goat Street pub in St. David’s City and is head over heels in love with his American born wife, Kathleen Colonna Ramsey. They are soon to celebrate their first wedding anniversary when they learn that his family’s manor, Ramsey House, has been invaded in a robbery attempt. Shortly thereafter he and his wife meet “Reg” and hear his woeful tale that he had been duped. Kathleen comes to believe “Reg” and insists that Alun be a big brother to him. This results in a series of uncomfortable encounters but also in a bonding as Alun and Kathleen bring the lad into a plan to solve the case of the attempted theft.

 The sequence below is a look into one of the lighter moments of the newlywed’s relationship as the plot thickens after the theft has been revealed as a possible plot of revenge.

 Excerpt from the novel: The Brooch. Chapter 4: The Thief’s Demands

 Alun came to his senses, dropped the night clothes on a nearby chair and ran to her, lifting her up and carrying her to the bed.

 “Love, as long as I can be your plaything, I’ll never need any toys again.”

 Kathleen flipped her long auburn hair over her shoulder as she crunched up to a sitting position. Alun bent over her smiling. She wrinkled her nose and flashed those big cocoa brown “Colonna” eyes as a “tart’ might do in one of her father’s old classic movies he so enjoyed.

 Alun took the cue. He jump upright off the bed and pulled his shirt off throwing it across the room. Kathleen’s eyes twinkled. On his not too broad of a chest was a small patch of chest hair in the shape of a cross. Unbuckling his belt he masterfully unzipped his pants and let them drop to the floor in a single action. His tall pale torso so common inBritainclashed with his bright red boxers.

 Kathleen burst into laughter as he then took on a pose replicating Michelangelo’s famous statue. He clutched his hand into a fist and grabbed his belt from his pants lying around his ankles throwing it over his shoulder like a sling shot. His facial expression however was less determined and had more of a grin of a Cheshire cat than a warrior preparing to battle Goliath.

 “So what do you think love? Do I look like ‘The David?’” he asked while puffing out his chest.

 Kathleen slid off the bed. Her hand stroked her chin as she tried to give her impression of an art critic studying every angle of an art work. She circled him sidestepping dramatically.

 “Well you’re certainly as pale as the white Carrara marble Michelangelo used to carve the statue.” Then she stopped directly behind Alun. “Of course you do realize that the Stone Cutter Genius sculpted David as a nude.”

And with that she gave those silky scarlet boxers a violent tug which caused them to join the pants at Alun’s ankles. Then before he could react, she ran to the other side of the bed.

 “Why you little imp, wait ‘til I get you.” Alun forgetting entirely about what lay around his ankles attempted to run after Kathleen. He didn’t get a step before he tripped over the pants and shorts tangled at his feet. With a loud, “Oh shit” he fell to the floor full face forward.

  “Ow, I think I hurt my thing,” he yelled out.


 (From this light hearted encounter to the chase of finding the thief and the reason behind his actions to the profound meaning which lay at the foundation of the act the pages of The Brooch ignite with life like characters ready to entertain, excite and inspire you. Soon to be availabe on Kindle and at ).





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