Celtic Thunder Concert 2015 by Arthur Cola

Celtic thunder is a talented group of Lads from Ireland and their band who bring music and song to the stage. You will find yourself close to tears with some of their songs such as Emmett singing Danny Boy and Ryan and Neal singing Hallelujah, laughing a belly laugh as their antics take you through songs which tickle your funny bone with songs by all six members like Black Velvet Band and Seven Drunken Nights (which was so funny that this guy who rarely laughs out loud did so unabashedly) and still there’s more. Songs such as Calendonia and a Place in the Choir will have you clapping your hands and stomping your feet. You will find them witty and friendly as well. When they come to a city near you, get a ticket and go have some fun. They certainly have inspired me as I write my 7th novel: Pure and Tarnished Hearts which is due out this summer. It is about a group of young people who have come to America during the famine era in Ireland . Here they find challenges and prejudice against them because they are immigrants and Catholics to boot. And yet they also discover new friends, opportunities from those already here to give them a chance. Their adventures, some of which threaten their very lives, also elevate them to stardom as they sing in the choir and on stage as well. From 19th Century New York City to Philadelphia, this tale will introduce you to James Shields, Aengus O’Flaherty and Meghan O’Grady as they come of age in a new land which is called America and discover that “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness” is not easily attained as not “all men are created equal” in the eyes of some. And yet they persevere and strive to make it happen.

Here’s something about our experience at the Celtic Thunder show.

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About arthurcola

I am the author of seven fiction books based on Celtic and Italian legends, Renaissance mysteries and history. They are: Journey of Three Pure Hearts and its sequel Pure and Tarnished Hearts, Stolen Christmas,The Brooch,The Stone Cutter Genius, The Shamrock Crown (Legend of Excalibur) and Papa and the Leprechaun King. My children's Christmas themed book is titled: Papa and the Gingerbread man. I have two screenplay versions on amazonstudios.com (The Shamrock Crown and The Leprechaun King) and have recently completed screenplay versions for my other novels. I served in the field of education for many years before embarking on a writing career. I am married to Donna and we have five children. web site: www.legendarytalesofarthurcola.com
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