“Torn and United Hearts” To be Presented at Pittsburgh Irish Fest.

Torn and United Hearts Cover-2016

The Doonagore Theft Trilogy is completed with the publication of the third novel in the series by Arthur Cola. Joining “Journey of Three Pure Hearts,” and “Pure and Tarnished Hearts” is “Torn and United Hearts.” Sure you can get them on amazon.com but if you’re near Pittsburgh, the author invites you to visit with him at the Pittsburgh Irish Fest from September 9-11 at the Riverplex. You may also hear his presentation at the Hedge School as he presents the back story of how the trilogy story was developed against the back drop of the “Great Hunger” potato blight in Ireland in the mid-19th century and how the characters come to Pre-Civil War America to strive for the American dream.

In book one of “Journey of Three Pure Hearts” you are introduced to Ireland during the famine years and to two lads: James Shields of Inishbofin and Aengus O’Flaherty of the Aran Islands and a lass named Meaghan O’Grady of Doolin. Their families arrange to have their children board a ship with their teacher, one Father Thomas O’Malley and sail to a new life in America. You will experience how these young people’s live become intertwined and join in on their adventures on the Cushla Machree as they sail from Galway to New York City in 1849.

In book two: “Pure and Tarnished Hearts” you will walk with them as they leave the ship and head into 19th Century New York City and the political turmoil of America of the day as a secret political society tries to burn out the Churches of the new immigrants and fears their presence. You will see them mature and deal with their feelings as they meet young society girls of the grand city and thugs who seek to vanquish them. And yet they persevere unite with fellow immigrants from Ireland and Italy under the guidance of Bishop John Hughes of New York City and America’s greatest actor of the day, Edwin Forrest of Philadelphia as they are discovered to have musical talent. Soon they are performing as the “Celtic Warriors” and stun the city of Brotherly Love as well as Manhattan with their voices which are compared to those of the angels.

In Book Three: “Torn and United Hearts” their adventures continue as they rescue a fugitive slave (Jefferson Oaks), and join Harriet Tubman of the Underground Railroad to seek his freedom while plotting to save the son of the Master of the Virginia Plantation (Alexander Oaks) his best friend. As the harrowing tale unfolds so too does the lads’ love interest which results in vocations being tested as well as class distinctions being challenged. Set against the dark cloud of the coming Civil War and the anti-immigrant fervor spreading through America, this tale is also one of faith, hope and love. It will help you hear the silent chime of the Liberty Bell, it will touch your heart, tickle your funny bone and make you once again see those principles of “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness” upon which the United States of America was founded.

Come on over to the Riverplex next to the Sandcastle Water Park for the Pittsburgh Irish Fest and enjoy its music, food and tales by the author Arthur Cola at the Market Place Tent and Hedge School. The Fest runs from Friday, September 9th through Sunday, Sept. 11th.





About arthurcola

I am the author of seven fiction books based on Celtic and Italian legends, Renaissance mysteries and history. They are: Journey of Three Pure Hearts and its sequel Pure and Tarnished Hearts, Stolen Christmas,The Brooch,The Stone Cutter Genius, The Shamrock Crown (Legend of Excalibur) and Papa and the Leprechaun King. My children's Christmas themed book is titled: Papa and the Gingerbread man. I have two screenplay versions on amazonstudios.com (The Shamrock Crown and The Leprechaun King) and have recently completed screenplay versions for my other novels. I served in the field of education for many years before embarking on a writing career. I am married to Donna and we have five children. web site: www.legendarytalesofarthurcola.com
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