Dissent amongst the GOP on Health Care

Below is my view on GOP Senators who don’t support the Senate Health Care Bill.

Dear Sen. Johnson;
I am disappointed to read that you are one of four Republicans who is not supporting the Senate health care bill. Whether or not your concerns are valid, it plays right into the hands of the Democrats and radicals who are out to destroy anything on the Trump agenda which is the American People’s agenda when it comes right down to it.

When one lives in a nation of over 350 million people of whom half are considered low middle class and of those many are what we call the working poor, how does one not see that programs like Medicaid are essential. If it was up to me I would have scrapped the entire Obamacare system and simply left a free insurance system in which the American people who can afford to may choose their provider across state lines. Then those who could not afford a health plan or are infirm or out of work would have their health care needs provided for through an assistance program similar to the VA system perhaps. But it’s too late to address the core issue of the Obamacare program and that is helping those who have not achieved the American Dream get insured, but if those who are retired, infirm or economically deprived can’t afford a health plan or if it’s deductibles are too high then what good is it. They will need to get subsidized and thus a tax would be needed to support the subsidy (Obamacare) so why not just have a Government sponsored program administered through the states which helps struggling people get the health care they may need. Why not have health care systems set aside funds to support the care of those who come for health care who cannot afford to pay the entire cost of the service? Such a fund with government grants would address the issue which is now a politically hot topic.

But it’s too late for such a program, we already have something, though falling apart, which does some of that. And that is the genius of Obamacare. Now that we have, though imperfect and non-sustainable, a program to help the disadvantaged anything the GOP does to alter it will seem to say that they are heartless politicians who would see Grandma thrown off a cliff or the poor die in the gutter of our inner city streets. Obama, honed his political skills in the tough town of Chicago. That’s why the Dems under Pelosi said that we could learn about the original Obamacare bill after it was passed. Get the bill made into law and then America is stuck with it, simply genius. And yet the GOP aren’t allowed even the slightest similar approach before it is decried as being secretive and non-transparent. So the GOP publishes an imperfect bill and instead of looking for the good in it and looking to the reconciliation process to refine it, four Senators put the “stop” on it before it has a chance to reach the floor of the Senate. Once again the Dems win even though they continue to lose Congressional races. Once again President Trump loses as he fights to save his administration from an unprecedented onslaught which even now attacks his family. Hollywood and the east and west coast elites may not be able to buy an election but they do know how to keep themselves in the spotlight positively and destroy the credibility of any plan the GOP offers to the American people.

If there is any hope that the Affordable Health Care Act can be repealed and replaced then it must be through a unified approach among the Republicans. The four Senators, the Freedom Caucus and other such members of Congress who oppose before offering a viable alternative plan destroys that hope to create for the American people a bright future with better health care opportunities, simpler and lower tax rates, a booming economy and a safe and more peaceful nation.

I urge all Republicans to put aside their narrow visions for what is best, their grudges against the nontraditional President, and reach beyond their local base so that life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness might be viable goals for all our people.

Wishing you every success, I remain sincerely yours;
Arthur Colaianni (Burlington,WI)
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